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History of Russian Martial art came to us from the deapthof time. Ancient slavic tribes had to defend their land and their clan from many conquests.

Boys were taught russian martial art from age 4. By the age of 15 they were professional warriors. One such souldier could defeat multiple apponents. They were taught all types of weapons, were excellent horse riders, knew and respected laws of nature and were able to use these skills. Nature for our ansenstors was a source of life, knowledge and inspiration. Secrets of russian art was carefully protected and were passed from generation to generation.

about systema

In the modern time Russian martis arts came bacouse of Mikahail Ryabko who is The Source of this knowledge. His best student and co-founder Vladimir Vasiliev made this knowledge available to all people by opening Systema schools worldwide increasing good will and understanding among different people.

The name Systema Patrimony represents that we would like to teach people not only to protect themselves in extreame situation, but to introduce them to Russian history, culture and tradition. The law of systema is not to cause harm to others and use these knowledge to protect youself, your familiy and your motherland. Besides martial art in systema there is large section on healing and self-recovery which allows people with traumas and health problems lead a full healthy life.

There are manu martial arts styles in the world, all of them got their principles and unique sides. Let everyone find what is more interesting and useful to them. Let us share our experrince and skills and preserve peace on our shared little planet. Peace and happiness to everyone. 

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